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Freedom Township Cemetery


 Small burial ground on the south side of the Waters Road, about nine and one fourth miles west of the Saline Road at the north side of Section 10 and one and one half miles east of Rogers Corners.  -Thank you to Elaine Lovelace for supplying and typing the list.


Crane, Helen P.  wife of A. H. Crane, d. 1/31/1848   22
Litchfield, Mary Whiting,  wife of James, b. 6/11/1810  d. 10/7/1837
Preston, Jacob d. 9/30/1881  ae 71
Preston, Lucilia E.  wife of Jacob, d. 3/6/1859
Preston, Lucy Witter  wife of Jacob, dau. Of Benjamin T. Killam ae  33, d. 2/26/1846
Preston, Mehetable,  wife of Boswell, d. 11/27/1854 80 yrs. 7 mo
Preston, Roswell or Boswell d. 7/16/1836  65 yrs.
Rogers, Franklin 4/5/1833
Rogers, Franklin  son of L. & O., d. 5/10/1851
Rogers, Sarah L.  dau. Of L. & O., b. 5/30/1838 d. 4/13/1855
Rogers, Silas d. 11/22/1844  35 yrs.
Rogers, Olive Boyden,  wife of Levi.  Came to Freedom 1832, b. 4/28/1806 Vt.  d. 4/12/1879 Sharon
Scott, Louisa L.  wife of Jesse, dau. Of Nathan & Sally Adams, d. 3/20/1847  24 yrs.
Sternberg, Joseph d. 6/5/1853 ae 46 yrs. 6 mo. 12 da.
Woods, Samuel S. d. 3/15/1812  in the 38 yr.

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