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Cross Cemetery

The old cemetery directly east and across the road from the Catholic Cemetery at the east end of River Street, Ypsilanti (Washtenaw Co., MI).

This list was obtained from the Ann Arbor, MI LDS center.  There is no date on it or who complied the listing.  I added the names for the first column.  The text on the list is just what is indicated under Comments.




Andrews, Sally In memory of Sally, wife of Thomas K. Andrews, who departed this life Feb. 22, 1938, in the 46th yr. of her age
Andrews, T.K. T.K. Andrews, Sen. died Sept. 22, 1850, aged 75 yrs. 6 mos.
Case, Elizabeth C. Elizabeth C., daughter of H. & L. G. Case, died April 5, 1849 aged 17 yrs. 6 mos.
Case, Israel William Israel William, son of H. & L.G. Case, died Jan. 5, 1864, aged 25 yrs. 11 mos.
Case, Lydia G. Lydia G., wife of Ebenezer Case, Feb. 29, 1850, aged 49 yrs. 5 mos.
Case, Mary Mary, wife of Ebenezer Case, died April 12, 1865m age 66 yrs.
Fulton, Caroline P. Caroline P., wife of F. G. Fulton, died Jan 4. 1852, aged 33 yrs. and 6 mos. daughter of S. and L. Larabee.
Fulton, Claudius B.  Claudius B. Fulton died March 7, 1848, aged 30 yrs. 9 mos. 
Fulton, Daniel L. Daniel L. Fulton died Nov. 25, 1844, aged 60 yrs. 7 mos.
Harrington, Lucy Ann Lucy Ann, wife of Ira Harrington and daughter of Samuel & Mercy Pettibone, died March 17. 1848, aged 18 yrs.
Kipp, Jacob Jacob Kipp died July 31, 1846, aged 22 yrs.
Pettibone, Edwin Edwin, son of M. & E.E. Pettibone, died Aug. 15, 1851, aged 18 mos.
Pettibone, Elmina Eliza Elmina Eliza, wife of Milton Pettibone, died Jan. 11, 1852, aged 24 yrs. 13 days.
Pettibone, Florence E. Florence E., dau. of M. & E.E. Pettibone died Aug. 28, 1852 aged 13 mos.
Pettibone, Hannah Hannah Pettibone, born June 6, 1802, died Jan. 18, 1888
Pettibone, Lyman Lyman Pettibone, died March 25, 1867, aged 75 yrs. 6 m. 19 d.
Pettibone, Milton Milton Pettibone died Aug. 15, 1875, aged 76 yrs.
Larabee, Mary Mary, wife of S. W. Larabee, died Nov. 6, 1851, aged 18yrs.
Marshall, Archibald C. Archibald C., son of Dr. Wm. R. & Eliza Marshall, born in Ypsilanti, July 28th, 1841, died Sept. 25, 18846.
McCormick, Charles M. Charles M. McCormick died July 19, 1848, aged 41 yrs.
Moore, Abigail Abigail, wife of David Moore d. June 29, 1844, age 32 y. 3m 12 d.
Pettibone, Mercy Mercy, wife of Samuel Pettibone, died Sept. 28, 1833, aged 33 yrs.
Phillips, Jore Jore Phillips died April 29, 1839 aged 64 years
Phillips, Rebekah Rebekah wife of Jore Phillips, died April 15, 1855 aged 75 years and 18 days
Roberts, Jonatnan L. Jonatnan L. Roberts died July 18, 1871, aged 52 yrs. 6 mos. and 16 days.
Roberts, Thankfull Thankfull Roberts, wife of William Roberts died Nov. 21, 1843, aged 55 yrs.
Pettibone, Harriet Harriet, wife of Roswell Pettibone, died Jan. 23, 1835 aged 39 yrs.
Spears, Edna Edna, wife of John Spears died Dec. 7, 1852, aged 22 yrs. 11 mos.
Wheaton, Samuel Samuel Wheaton, died May 25, 1855, aged 58 yrs. 7 mos.

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