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Cottonwood Farm Burial Ground

This farm is on Farrell Road near Webster Corners.  It was once owned by Spencer, son of John Williams. The plot is out in the cow pasture and will soon be unreadable.   -Thank you to Elaine Lovelace for typing and supplying the list.


Williams, Maria D. Stowell wife of Spencer, b. 4/25/1806 d. 8/9/1868 ae 62
Williams, Maria  dau. No stone, died a young woman in a Pontiac institution
Majestic No dates recorded
Malvina No dates recorded
Williams, Osbert b. 11/24/1831 d.1910
Williams, Sarah E.  wife of Osbert, d. 5/6/1891 ae. 49
Williams, Spencer son of John & Lydia, d. 7/12/1868 ae. 62
Williams, Spencer & Ada  twins of Osbert & Sarah E., b. 8/16/1873 d. 2 yrs.
Stowell, Stephen b. 1775 d. 1851
Stowell, Nancy b. 1774 d. 1851

Obtained from Mrs. Lee Ferguson. Found in the Library of Michigan

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